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Petra Vašíčková

View on Offender in Social Work Practise in Czech Republic


The article offer overview on offenders as various interpretations about people committing offences views within boundaries of social work in the Czech Republic. Phenomenology points of departure and terms by Alfred Schütz are used. The phenomenological recourse understands each view as interpretation – attach significance to each element of construction of social reality. These categories are observed in every view of offender: author of view, implementer of view, subject, object of view, relevance and way of understanding. Attention is focused on institutional and declarative views in the Czech Republic. Aim of the article is to be inspiration to reflexion and awareness the influences and circumstances of social work practice with offenders. At the same time offers overview of contemporary institutional social work with offenders in the Czech Republic.


phenomenology, Alfred Schütz, view on offender, social work

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