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Jan Šiška, Šárka Káňová

Quantitative Analysis of Deinstitutionalization in Residential Social Services in the Czech Republic


In the paper, we summarize selected results of a pilot quantitative analysis of the de-institutionalization process of selected providers of social services involved in the project Support of transformation of social services during the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. First, concept of de-institutionalization is introduced, followed by methodical aspects, indicators and results. Indicators of the analysis were established with the intention of monitoring development of the de-institutionalization process based on the key concepts: the transformation of residential social services in other types of social services provided in a natural environment and promoting social inclusion. The results of the analysis indicate that providers tend to expand types of service, which undoubtedly has the effect of increasing the quality of life of individual users and through which they can become more involved in the activities of daily life. Indicator “Education” pointed to growing tendency to offer primary education and secondary education to service users. However, the primary education is still provided mainly within institutions. Regarding employment of service users, we found slightly increasing trend of employment outside the facility. The quality of housing for example in terms of the ratio of the number of users of social facilities (toilets, bathrooms), the state determined is far from satisfactory.


de- institucionalization, social services, quantitative analysis, transformation process, people with disabilities

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