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Kvetoslava Repková

Institutionalisation of Voluntary Opportunities for Older People


The article is focused on an agenda of institutionalisation of voluntary opportunities for older people, notably in a long-term care sector. The author goes out from an assumption that older people can face some disadvantages in this field which should be mitigated by activities of the Volunteer Centres (VC) as unique organisations at a top of infrastructural support of volunteering. Based on her own pilot survey the author found out that representatives of the Slovak VCs recognise some system and organisational based barriers which, in combination with some age based particularities of the older people’s volunteering, can result of some disadvantages of their voluntary participation. On the other hand, there is no programmatic support of older people in this field, their assistance provided by the volunteer centres is rather episodic, not institutionalised. The author discussed her findings with findings of other authors. She thinks about potential consequences of undervaluing an age – friendly support provided by volunteer centres towards older people (notably in expanded long-term care sector).


institutionalisation, long-term care, voluntary opportunities, Volunteer centres, disadvantages of voluntary participation

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