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Issues » 2013/3 - Family in Distress »

Michal Kall, Alena Molčanová

Application Mediation in Work with Family in Danger


The main idea of this thesis was to present the possibilities how to apply the mediation at work with families in danger. Mediation is a method by which a third party, the mediator, enters into the conflict between two other parties and helps them resolve their dispute. The theoretical part deals with defining the basic concepts of working with the family, establishing services for families at risk and analyzing the initial concepts of mediation with an emphasis on mediation as a supportive relation and a helping process. The practical part points to the possibilities how to apply the mediation in services for families in danger using presented theoretical considerations. The examples of good practice describe the application of partial mediation tools in daily practice in services for families.


family, mediation, good practice, service for families

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