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Sylva Bartlová, Marie Trešlová

Psychosocial Stress Factors of Seniors and their Coping


This overview study is focused on stress of seniors as one of the social determinants area. It introduces various opinions on stress and brings a question what causes the stress of seniors predominantly and how seniors are coping with this psychic burden. Senior meets several life crises in this period of human life, which might lead toward the feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem or to the social isolation and consequently they could negatively influent senior’s physical and psychical health. On the base of analysis there is evident, that the causes of stress which the seniors experience, are multifactorial with the majority of changes or disorders in social support and communication. The causes of the stress occurrence, the factors influencing stress, the senior’s behavior influenced by stress and also what the seniors are experiencing in these situations are very important for the social and health workers to be aware, for them to be able to provide effective care for to maintain and to restore the psychical welfare and balance of seniors. Within the framework of health and social system of client orientated care is necessary to identify what the seniors experiences for to understand their problems and for to be able to approach the care plan or more precisely the preventive plane and coping process with the stressful situations. We didn’t find what the seniors experiencing in the consequence of stressful situations in the mentioned sources. Therefore we are preparing qualitative and quantitative survey in which we will focus on this problem.


senior, stress, experience, reaction, coping

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