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Miloš Votoupal

Narrative Approach in Social Work: Helping Through the Reformulation of Life Stories


The aim of this text is to present the narrative approach as a possible alternative for working with a client, or more broadly as an alternative paradigm, different way to look at the characteristics and meaning of social work. In the first part of the text will be my aim to acquaint the reader with the characteristics of the narrative approach and assumptions underlying this approach is based, and also discuss the specifics of the narrative approach to help the comparison of narrative perspective and the concept of life situation by Bartlett (1970), which is one of the basic theoretical models of social work. I am convinced that this comparison may highlight the potential of the narrative approach to open some themes that are in the model of living situation and social functioning of the present rather emergent, and consequently these themes and work. The second part will be devoted to practical application of methods and techniques of narrative approach to working with the client. Will be presented not only the deconstruction of the various techniques and outsourcing, as well as specific examples of work with clients based on the application narrative approach.


narrative approach, deconstruction, externalizing conversation

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