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Kateřina Kubalčíková

The Municipalities and Their Participation in the Providing Care of Frail Elderly People. The Active Player or the Onlooker?


The support of the long-term care of frail elderly people at the local level was set as the one of the most important priority within the national policy of ageing. The municipalities or local authorities are expected as the crucial participants of this strategy. This text focuses on the current potential of local authority come up to expectations. The aim of the text first part is specification of the key terms. The research of the local authorities in selected area is presented in the second part. In the last part the research results are discussed in the context of the policy of ageing strategy in the Czech Republic. As the research results indicated the competences of the municipalities at the first and second degree seems to be rather limited currently.


elderly, municipality, long-term care, macro practice

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