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Radka Janebová, Marcela Hudečková, Romana Zapadlová, Jana Musilová

Stories of Social Workers Who Did Not Keep Silent – Description of Expirienced Dilemmas


The aim of this article is to describe dilemmas of social male and female workers who decided to defend the dilemma between subjectively perceived need of clients’ rights and the power pressures from an authority to be solved by the choice defence of client’s rights and on the pursuant of found out dilemma to suggest measures for social workers which could prevent such dilemmatic situations or at least to mitigate them. To achieve the goal, we have chosen a qualitative research method using a semi-structured interview, in which we examined the context of dilemmas, requirements of contracting party and the client’s rights that social workers perceived as threatened. We found out that the authorities’ pressures had led to the violation of the clients’ rights particularly in the areas of availability and quality of services.


social work, client’s rights, rights advocacy, dilemmas, contracting authority

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