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Issues » 2013/5 - Special English Issue 2013 »

Kristyna Pesakova

Domestic Violence against Men in Partner Relationships – A Social Work Perspective


The objective of this text is to introduce the issue of domestic violence against men from the social work perspective. The author focuses on the question of, How do adult men cope with a life situation when they become victims of violence in intimate partner relationships? The concept of a life situation and ways of coping are described. The author consequently focuses on the situation of male victims of domestic violence and the role of gender in violence against men. In addition, the text summarizes psychological responses by men to violence and their coping strategies. The author also outlines the results of the existing research concerning the issue while focusing on the life situation of male victims. Finally, the text introduces possibilities for help which are available to male victims of violence from the social work perspective.


life situation, coping, violence, domestic violence, victim, gender, intimate relationships

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