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Iva Maroušková, Martin Seitl

Work-load, Life Satisfaction and Work-life Balance of Staff Working in Direct Care in Nursing Homes of South Bohemia and Prague


In nursing homes for the elderly people, the staff is taking direct care of the clients. This daily care is associated with a certain degree of mental stress. The sources of mental stress may include factors that may increase the risk of work-load and reduce life or job satisfaction. In the context of the mental stress, life satisfaction and job satisfaction enter more intensively the issue of work-life balance. Relationships between these psychological constructs have been published only in a few related studies. In these empirical studies, several nursing homes were addressed and ninety employees from direct care staff responded. The results of studies showed that direct care staffs did not perceive their mental work-load as increased. On the other hand, the value of their life satisfaction and job satisfaction was less positive in comparison to general population. The balance of the living area is observed to a limited extent. The study confirmed mutual relationships between the psychological constructs. The balance of the living areas and the absence of subjective stress support work and life satisfaction. The findings can be applied to the framework of measures against adverse psychological phenomena in the performance of nursing social care professions.


nursing home, employees, work-load, life satisfaction

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