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Michal Panáček, Eva Žiaková

Cyberbullying – a Serious Social Pathology in the Present Population of Adolescents in Czech and Slovak Republics


This paper introduces the issue of social deviances in the form cyberbullying in the Czech and Slovak society in relation to the development of information and communication technologies. The study noted the concepts related with cyberbullying: cyberspace – the environment in which cyberbullying takes place. The study introduces a virtual identity and her formation in relation to cyberbullying and virtual communication and risk communication. Risk communication leads adolescents to participate in cyberbullying. The end of study is devoted to the characteristics of cyberbullying and basic research results cyberbullying among Czech and Slovak adolescents. 30 % adolescents has become the protagonist of cyberbullying.


cyberbullying, Information Technologies, Communication Technologies, teenage, cyberspace, psychosomatic disorders

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