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Issues » 2014/2 - Social Work and Families with Children in Poverty »

Alice Gojová, Vendula Gojová, Eliška Lindovská, Marie Špiláčková, Kamila Vondroušová

Ways of Coping Poverty and Risk of Poverty by Families with Minors


The article’s aim is to analyse ways that are used by families to cope with poverty and poverty threat. The first part is dedicated to theoretical starting point’s description, we focus on conceptualization of poverty notion in a relation to families with minors. We analyse phases of social disqualification and ways of managing poverty and poverty threat. In the second part we present results of quantitative research aimed to analyse life situations of households with minors in various phases of social disqualification (precisely the phase of poverty and the phase of poverty threat) and ways they use to cope with those situations. We intended to obtain such information and material that would develop or modify social work with families with minors living in poverty or who are threatened with poverty.


family, poverty, risk of poverty, ways of coping, social work

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