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Roman Baláž

Possibilities of achievement of specialized social work interests in organizations that employ social workers


This theoretical summarizing article reacts on contemporary discussions about social work institutionalisation in the Czech Republic. It is possible to track down two basic types of institutionalisation in literature: the modern professionalization and the postmodern institutionalisation. Both perspectives differently approach specialized social work interests and potential ways of their achieving in the organizations. The article sets a target to answer a question: “How can the social workers achieve selected element of specialized social work interests in their organizations in accordance with the relevant literature?” The selected element of specialized interests was discretion achieving. The article brings findings that the social workers can achieve their interests by means of: collective bargaining, lobbing, decision making participation supported by managers, representation of organization in networks and using individual strategies in the organization order.


social work, institutionalisation, professionalization, interest, discretion, enforcing, negotiating

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