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Issues » 2014/3 - Social Work and Contemporary Society »

Vladislava Vondrová

Digital Exclusion: Dimensions of Social Exclusion in the Information Society


Text is a contribution to the discussion about discourses in social work. One of the main concepts used in this paper is concept of information society. The process of informatization of society is seen as one of the processes in postmodern world. The whole theme of this paper is viewed from ecological perspective, which provides applicable paralell, as I argue in the paper. The key question of this text is What needs arise from digital exclusion for social work? I am answering the question through the use of already known dimensions of social exclusion, enriched by digital dimension. I am offering thoughts about how digital processes are projected into traditional dimensions of social exclusion. In the end, I am presenting few important fields of interests for social work in the current society. I regard this fields as important for development of social work in context of adequate client support in clients’ coping with demands of current society (and enhance clients’ social functioning).


social exclusion, information society, digital divide, digital exclusion, social work, coping, social functioning

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