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Eva Nedomová, Marie Špiláčková

Analysis of the Use of Task-Centred Approach in Practice in the Territory of Ostrava


The paper deals with the preliminary results of analysis of the use of task-centred approach in Ostrava. Task-centred approach is a model of short-term interventions, which originated in the context of social work and social workers have developed it for their own use. In current practice, it ranks among the four most commonly used approaches of social work in the Czech social work. The research objective is to track the current use of this approach by social workers in Ostrava and also to find out which particular elements of this approach are in Ostrava practice actively used. Methodologically, the project is based on quantitative research strategies. To meet the objectives of the research in particular technique of questionnaire, semistructured interview and content analysis of the documents were used. The research sample was composed of social workers working in outpatient, residential and field social services in the city of Ostrava.


task-centred approach, social services, social work, Ostrava

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