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Issues » 2014/3 - Social Work and Contemporary Society »

Dana Rosová

Field Social Work in Slovakia


The article addresses social work applied in terrain in Slovakia, its current status and prospects for further development. It indicates current conditions and limitations in implementation of social work in the Slovak terrain. Simultaneously, it recommends solutions to improve quality to the services provided. The aim of the research was to study the level of satisfaction of Slovak social workers with the current method of applying social work in terrain in Slovakia, identify inadequacies and limitations in the implementation of social work in the Slovak terrain, and eventually, find appropriate solutions to its improvement in the future. The research focuses on contentment of social workers working in terrain with the current model of the terrain social work in Slovakia, on the barriers, they have to overcome while performing their tasks, the ideas proposed by slovak social workers for terrain to rejuvenate their work. In conclusion, there is a detailed summary of research results as well as list of recommendations for practice presented.


social work, social work in terrain, terrain social worker, research results, recommendations for practice of social work in terrain

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