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Pavla Radová

Social Work with Victims of Crime Provided by the State: From the Individual Work with the Victim of Crime to the Support of Functional System of Help


The victims of crime in the Czech Republic are provided with several methods of support. Some of them are already established and quite anchored in practice while others bring completely new, innovative approaches. The goal of this thesis is to present an overview of services provided to the victims of crime implemented by the state, concerning the victims’ adaptation in professional and legislative scope. The text is devoted to services provided to individuals and to services on the basis of a community. Furthermore it does not neglect the systematical effort of the state to create a complex and intertwined system of cooperation between various subjects as the stakeholders in the field of supporting the victims of crime.


victim of crime, services for victims, Probation and mediation service, victim offender mediation, teams for victims, restorative conference

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