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Monika Bačová, Eva Žiaková, Zuzana Katreniaková

Social Support of Cancer Patients


The text provides information about the social support for women with cancer. It focuses on selected aspects of social support. The first part is devoted to the summary of some theoretical solutions, primarily to the specification of the term “social support” and its types, and theories of social support. It presents the influence of psychosocial factors, psychosocial strain and personality traits that can cause cancer. Moreover, it describes psychological and social consequences of cancer, its social meaning and managing of its strain. It points out the importance of practical application of social work with cancer ill patients. The second part with its research results is focused on a degree of perceived social support of cancer ill women in relation to selected sociodemographic and medical characteristics. The final part provides discussion and suggestions of practice recommendations.


social support, cancer, social work

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