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Issues » 2015/2 - Work Conditions of Social Work »

Petra Severová, Petr Vrzáček

Attitudes of Local Politicians to Socially Excluded People / Socially Excluded Locality


The article focuses on the issues of social exclusion and attitudes of local politicians to socially excluded people. Many studies consider the municipality and its government to represent the key role in the process of social inclusion of people endangered by social exclusion. However there are big differences among the municipalities with regard to the operation and support of socially excluded people. Social departments of some municipalities act proactively, others do not. The main difference lies in the self-government approach, on which has become the major aim of the present article. The research part provides a description of the attitudes of municipalitygovernment members towards the socially excluded people in three particular municipalities in one region of the Czech Republic. The research reveals the relationship of local municipal politicians and municipal officials to inclusion and reveals the extent to which local politicians feel responsible for the process of social inclusion in the area where the socially excluded locality exists. The research suggests that municipal politicians understand the issues related to social exclusion in different ways, they realize that they should focus on the solution of the problem, yet not have the faintest idea of how to achieve it. That is why they either make no effort at all or are without prior planning trying to support socially excluded people in housing or increase the employment of socially excluded individuals in short-term, mostly within the public work incentives. Municipal politicians do not feel responsible for the problems arising from the social welfare system, they rather shift responsibility for the welfare system onto the State. Not all the politicians have good experience in cooperation with NGOs; they rather do not trust them.


social exclusion, social inclusion, socially excluded locality, community work, local politicians, Agency for Social Inclusion

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