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Dana Groulíková, Daniela Jaklová Střihavková

Attitudes of Visually Impaired Pupils in the Second and Third Classes Towards Alcohol and Cigarettes: A Challenge for Social Work and Special Pedagogy


This article answers the question: “What are the attitudes of visually impaired pupils in the second and third classes towards the use of alcohol and cigarettes?” No research has been done on these children’s attitudes towards using alcohol and cigarettes. Information is available on different spheres of pupils’ lives, but this information is ambiguous. It seems, however, that this population is at risk. The authors describe this in the first part of the present paper. Information about attitudes of eye-sighted peers could be a clue for estimation of attitudes/stances of visually impaired pupils. There are blind spots even in this research, as shown below in this article. Because the article presents the results of their research, the authors deal briefly with the description of the research methodology. The findings show that alcohol, especially, could be a tempting drug for pupils with visual impairment. It is well known among them and commonly used in their families. Three hypotheses are proposed concerning the causes of absent primary prevention within the target group. In conclusion, the article provides several recommendations to the social workers and special pedagogues.


visually impaired, pupils, primary prevention, alcohol, cigarettes, attitudes, qualitative research

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