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Anna Krausová, Tomáš Waloszek, Martin Brezina

Return of Unemployed Parents after Their Parental Leave to the Labour Market in Ostrava Region


In the first part of article are introduced theoretical frameworks and issue of reconciliation of family and working life in a specific phase of life cycle, which is the return to the labour market after the end of parental leave. It is pointed out how the demands on the labour market undermine the stability of the family and its functions. In the second part, attention is paid to the presentation of research methodology. The aim of the research was to find out barriers, contributing to long-term unemployment identify unemployed parents with children up to 10 years in the transition from parental leave and which barriers in reconciling work and family life identify workers working in the field of active employment policy in the Ostrava region. The third part of the article already presents the resulting findings and interpretation. The research covered 22 unemployed parents with children and 15 workers working in the field of active employment policy. Interviews with respondents were conducted in the period July–August 2014. Subsequently they were analysed in Qualitative Data Analysis Software MAXQDA. The final part of the article is focused on the discussion of the conclusions.


parental leave, labour market, reconciling work and family, parents

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