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Issues » 2015/5 - Power and Powerlessness at Work with a Client »

Zdeňka Adamčíková, Jana Bernoldová, Iva Strnadová, Jan Klusáček

Motherhood of Women with Intellectual Disabilities as Perceived by Social Workers: Powerlessness, but Whose?


Mothers with intellectual disabilities (ID) have been neglected, both by researchers and the day-to-day practice of social workers and special educators. However it is the experiences, attitudes and available support by professionals that to an extent determine the quality of life of these mothers and their children. The presented research aims to analyse the key themes determining (un)successful management of the maternal role by mothers with ID as perceived by social workers. The attitudes, experiences and skills of social workers were examined and analysed, using survey research. There were 329 professionals (social workers, special educators) participating in the research and the findings indicate that the knowledge and support offered by social workers is insufficient. The development of a key social services (social activation service for families with children) as well as strengthening capacities and on-going professional development appear to be most viable option of support for mothers with ID in the future.


women, intellectual disabilities, pregnancy, motherhood, attitudes, experiences, knowledge, social workers, survey research

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