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Issues » 2015/5 - Power and Powerlessness at Work with a Client »

Aneta Hašková, Kateřina Pomklová

Social Workers of Social and Legal Child Protection Department and Lesbian Biological Mother


In the general awareness of our society there is a deep-rooted idea that people with homosexual orientation, whether it be a man or a woman, are not the best people to raise children. The most common arguments include negative effects on children based on the homosexual orientation of parents. The present article, which used a qualitative research strategy, answered the following research question: What experiences have social workers of social and legal child protection department in child care with lesbian biological mothers? It was revealed that there is not enough concrete information available to social workers on this issue, which means they have use their own personal judgement, and in addition, in situations where they have control over these clients, they feel helpless.


social legal and child protection department, breakup, homoparentality, lesbian parentage, grounded theory

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