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Issues » 2015/5 - Power and Powerlessness at Work with a Client »

Pavel Bajer

Use of Power by Social Worker in Relationship with Client from the PCA View


The text discribes the potential use of power by a social worker in their relationships with clients in a person centred approach (PCA). First are presented methods for the use of power in relationships with a client, which are often contrary to the PCA view. The use of power by a social worker is related to helping or a controled focus of their work. Unlike other authors in social work Rogers uses a different perception of the concept of power and control in relationships with a client. His concept of power gives power to the clients, thereby making them more able to solve their problems. Using data from research among social workers, trainees and graduate training in the person centered approach, organized by diakonia, I discuss the possibility of applying Rogers’s concept of power in relationship to clients of social workers. The power has rather negative connotations within direct contact situations with clients. The negative connotation strenghtens clients handicaps.


person centred approach, power, relationship with client, Rogers, social worker, training

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