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Issues » 2016/2 - Social Work. A Participant in Social Policy »

Radka Janebová, Barbora Celá

Critical Practice between “Other” Social Work and Activism


Social work in general and critical approach should act as an initiator of social change to ensure social justice and to guarantee human rights. The aim of the paper is to determine in the context of the Czech Republic, what is the relationship of organizations that, in our opinion, make a critical social work, to social work and to critical social work. We have been used qualitative research strategy, namely the techniques of semi-standardized interviews and analysis of documents. Our research has shown that ways of working that in countries with an unbroken tradition of social work could be identified as a critical social work are implemented in the Czech Republic too. But these ways of working are not declared as a critical social work.


social work, critical social work, social services, social activism

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