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Zdeňka Dohnalová, Mirka Nečasová, Renáta Rídlová

Institutionalisation of Bereavement Counselling Services in Czech Republic in the Context of Post-modern Times from the Point of View of Social Work


In their text the authors open the question of the institutionalization of bereavement in CR in the context of post-modern times and they put this process in connection with social work. Bereavement is a very individual process, which strike people in very complex way, so the bereaved need in their difficult life situation not only specialized, but also complex assistance, which is offered (among helping professions) especially by social workers. So it is surprising that the new profession of counsellors for bereaved people has been establishing without communication with social work. The authors focus on the reason of this state of things as social work dispose due to its concentration on complex help with an unique potential to serve people in such hard life situation. In their attempt to find the arguments, the authors describe at first the process of institutionalization in connection with various conceptions of professionalism, next they present the reader with the process of institutionalisation of both fields of helping professions and after that they focus on possible reasons of the absence of evident connection between both fields.


bereavement counselling services, social work, grief, modern perspective, post-modern perspective, institutionalization, professionalism

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