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Lucie Šimková, Daniela Vodáčková, Daniela Jaklová Střihavková

An Approach of Crisis Line Workers to Repeat Callers


This article introduces the phenomenon of repeat callers in the context of the crisis lines in the Czech Republic. It refers either to principles and the specifity of crisis line work itself or requirements that are placed on worker. All is focused on phenomenon of repeat callers. It is seen according to approach to clients, with special regard to how it is shaped by the organization culture. This concept reflects the dilemmas that are associated with this topic. The article also include the results of qualitative research that has been doing into approach of crisis line workers to repeat callers by such research methods as focus group, narrative interviews and document analysis all of which led to answer the main research question: What is the approach of crisis line workers to repeat callers? The research led us to findings that workers use two border types of practice, which we call a human approach and a professional approach. Workers combine those approaches due to their preferences and particular context of casework. We summarise and call those influences as factors: acquitance of the client, possibilities of crisis line and possibilities of worker.


crisis line, worker, repeat caller, approach

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