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Blanka Plasová

Work-Family Issues and the Role of Employers? Theoretical Background


In this article I will derive the explanation of governance and corporate social responsibility concepts to the possible prediction of the employer’s role in the work-family issues. Relevance of these concepts I see particularly in their focus on the processes of interaction among various actors in the providing of social services and benefits. Thus, this article offers the convergent and divergent insights of both concepts in the given sphere because they have similar “explanatory modes” in some way. Firstly, I will explain the main aspects of imbalance between work and family life in the Czech Republic with regard to the interplay of involved actors (families, employers and state). After that follows the chapter describing the main characteristics of the both concepts including their explanations and expectation to the behaviour and the role of employers in the work-family issues. Finally I discuss common and distinction points and limits of chosen concepts.


employers, work and family, governance, corporate social responsibility

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