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Leoš Zatloukal

Work with “Agreements” in Psychotherapy and Counselling – a Systemic Approach


The paper is devoted to agreements about cooperation in the context of counselling and psychotherapy practice with clients. The first part is concentrated on making an agreement with a client. There are presented the methods and techniques based on so called “brief therapies” which make the process of making the agreement with a client easier. Theoretical model of the work on the agreement (Ludewig, 1994) make a theoretical basis in this part. The other part of the paper is about other kinds of agreements which are often latent or nonreflected and they appear in the counselling practice. These (external) agreements were not a part of agreement between a therapist and a client and they often cause troubles and ethical dilemmas in helping professions. This part introduces the proceedings of finding the information which can make the orientation in the network of agreements for the specialist easier. There are also presented some impulses for the reflection of the therapist’s position and role. All those themes are illustrated by practical examples.


counselling, psychotherapy, agreement, system

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