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Petra Zoubková

The Individualization of Care Provided in Medical Organization for Children up to Three Years and Factors of Organizational Culture which Can Affect This Principle


For a long time Czech experts have been discussing the need of a reform of the substitute family care system. Mostly they criticize a situation concerning residential form of care. So far only a few partial measures were adopted. About 20 thousand children still live in institutions in the Czech Republic facing the drawbacks connected with institutional care. That’s why it is necessary to provide a care respecting their individual needs. The social worker’s approach to clients influences not only the quality of provided care but it can be also understood as a specific attribute of organizational culture. In this article – summarizing the conclusions of my thesis – I pay attention also to the factors of an organizational culture which can affect individualization of care provided in health care services for children up to three years.


bureaucracy, deprivation, factors of organizational culture, formal bureaucratic organization, ideology, ideological hegemony, institution, collective preferences, culture, psychological needs, social pediatrics, total institution, hospital care.

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