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Radana Kroutilová Nováková, Jitka Vaculíková, Alena Podaná

What is a Life of Single-parent Women About (?): Housing Satisfaction among Single-parent Women


The authors of the present study are dealing with the housing satisfaction among single-parent women. The single-parent women are perceived as an increasingly exposed social group to the risk of poverty and social exclusion. Identified housing satisfaction of this specific group is compared with the housing satisfaction of married women. The study is based on the partial results of quantitative research carried out at the turn of the year 2014/2015 using a Fahrenberg’s questionnaire of life satisfaction (GST). The research sample consisted of 420 women (209 single-parent women and 212 married women). The findings showed that the statute of single-parent women played an important role. Perceived housing satisfaction is higher in all areas in favor of married women.


single-parent women, housing, questionnaire, life satisfaction, quantitative research

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