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Kvetoslava Repková

Community Based Compensatory Assistance for Persons with Disabilities


The study is aimed to enforce a professional reflectivity on community based aspects of the individualised compensatory public assistance provided to persons with severe disabilities in Slovakia. The author operationalises what does mean to apply community based aspects within this area of public policy. Consequently, she identifies these aspects in current national legislation and practice, particularly in a social assessment process provided by social workers. She informs about selected results of the action social research conducted within the piloting of a draft on specialised educational program the “Compensatory Assistance”. The program has been developed for future (postgraduate) education of social workers to gain a special qualification for performing this a very specialised type of social work. The author formulates some recommendations how to apply a community based compensatory assistance for persons with severe disabilities in a more effective way.


compensatory assistance, deductive approach, inductive approach, communal dimension, social support, communal contact person, coordination

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