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Izabela Oujezdská, Vendula Gojová

Education of Social Workers in the Field of Social Entrepreneurship


The text deals with the education of social workers in the field of social entrepreneurship. Thesis focuses on the problems of society, which arose due to modernization, and that negatively affect the functioning of the welfare state and the provision of social work services. The concept of social entrepreneurship responds to changes in society and in this work is to regarded as a kind of innovation in which social work can find a way to achieve their goals in the future. The aim is to determine what is the current status of the training of social workers in the field of social entrepreneurship. Research is focused on the analysis and study curricula courses focused on social work. The result of the research indicates a problem in the implementation of the concept of social entrepreneurship in social work practice, because the curriculum courses focused on social work with social enterprise almost non-existent.


social economy, social entrepreneurship, social work, education, research

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