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Issues » 2016/5 - Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship »

Ester Danihelková

Courses on Economy in a Bachelor Study Programme of Social Work


Social entrepreneurship is currently gaining its significance in the society as well as among students of social work. However, at Czech universities, rather the students of economic disciplines than those enrolled in bachelor or master study programmes of social work are being educated in social entrepreneurship. Knowledge and skills in economy are, however, crucial not only for future employment opportunities or social entrepreneurship, but also a part of general knowledge and represent valued professional competence also with regard to intervening in clients’ real-life events. Building upon the results of our surveys we analyze the opinions of current as well as former students as to the benefits of courses in economy for their prospects on the labor market. On that basis we propose an update of minimal standards of education of social workers with information in the field of social economy.


social work, social entrepreneurship, study programmes, economic knowledge, economic skills, employment prospects

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