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Issues » 2016/5 - Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship »

Martina Baráková, Michal Kaczor, Markéta Elichová

Social Worker as an Archetype of a Postmodern Superhero?


In postmodern society, social worker took over a role of support, which was earlier available to individuals in difficult social situations. In the eyes of many individuals in society, social worker thus has become, metaphorically speaking, a postmodern superhero who has many competencies, personality specifics and possibilities to help. But there are many questions regarding excessive responsibility of social worker, requirements placed on him/her, and, not least, marginalization and anchoring of his/her rights in documents relevant to practice. Another thought-provoking theme is also a lack of theoretical and practical emphasis on adequate mental hygiene of social worker.


social worker, superhero, postmodernity, code of ethics, psychohygiene

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