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Issues » 2016/6 - Social Work and Violence Towards Women »

Daniel Topinka

Public Attitudes to Domestic Violence. What Inspiration It Means for Social Work?


It is important for social work as an institution to seek the ways of solving social problems. It is vital to have at our disposal an adequate set of current knowledge about the origin of social problems, of their origins and development. Of course, it bears also on the topic of domestic violence. As far as the social work with vulnerable persons is concerned, it is necessary to know the scope of public opinion on the topic. The social work must reflect the views and opinions of the public on domestic violence and their changes in time. As the research and its comparison with earlier findings revel, domestic violence is losing its social legitimacy. In general, the people are convinced that domestic violence is not only the private affair of the family, but they want to conceive the help to vulnerable persons in a broader context. Still, it is difficult for the public to recognize the domestic violence. The concept of domestic violence have changed over time, the role attributed to physical violence weakens and the understanding of the concept include other forms of violence, some social myths are fading away. These findings represent the opportunity to bring the practical forms of help up to date.


domestic violence, public opinion, social myth, gender, physical violence, mental violence

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