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Issues » 2016/6 - Social Work and Violence Towards Women »

Barbora Holubová, Mária Ďurčíková

National Hotline for Women Survivors of Violence in Slovakia – the Analysis of Data and of the Asset after One Year Operation


In Slovakia, a National Hotline for Women Survivors of Violence (NHW) was established and started its operation in February 2015. The minimum standards of the Council of Europe and feminist social work are the theoretical background for the setting up and counselling of the NHW. In 2015, there were 6700 incoming calls, of which 74,3 % were answered immediately. The number of calls from women survivors of violence was 2829, which is overall 495 women and 5,7 calls per one women. Most often women 31‒39 years old were calling, living in violent relationship at most for 5 years. The partner violence constitutes 85,7 %. Contacts to women´s organisations, empowering interview and assistance in search for safe shelter were the most prevalent forms of help provided. The case studies revealed the diversity of violence forms, used by partner for control over woman. Working at hotline, the shortage and the quality of related services were identified.


hotline, gender-based violence, women, effectiveness assessment

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