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Issues » 2016/6 - Social Work and Violence Towards Women »

Alena Pařízková, Jiří Frýbert

Violence in the Process of Marginalization of Women in the Provision of Paid Sexual Services


Providing paid sexual services and violence intertwines and both processes are closely related to processes of marginalization. The concept of intersectionality helps us to see how the interaction of the socio-cultural categories produces social inequalities. The text aims to analyze the configuration of factors shaping a person’s position in the system of inequalities, thus his or her vulnerability in the processes of marginalization and its connection with the violence. The research was conducted using 29 semi-structured interviews with women who sell sexual services on the street. Systems of oppression based on class and gender intersect and cumulate in women’s lives, which forms barriers difficult to overcome. Intersection of class and gender in connection with sex industry crystallizes in a strong stigma disqualifying subject from “normality”, membership and security. Stigmatization directly contributes to the risk of violence that women face in their lives. The most notably interconnection of stigma and violence emerged in the experience with insults and humiliation, which women experience almost every day, both in private and professional life. These women are also marginalized in the social work discipline, which does not devote to them as a specific target group.


marginalization, violence, inequalities, sex business, stigma, social work

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