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Issues » 2016/6 - Social Work and Violence Towards Women »

Ivan Rác, Andrej Mátel, Michal Kozubík

Intimate Partnership Violence against Roma Women


The main purpose of the submitted article is to provide description of the process and impact of domestic violence against Roma women. Roma women are perceived as a specific group endangered by intimate partner violence. At the same time we want to emphasize the accumulation of disadvantages that these women are very frequently confronted with. There is a lack of researches that would investigate experience of Roma women related to the issue of domestic or intimate partner violence. The data were obtained using qualitative research method by means of a semi-structured interview and they provide complex outline of specific experience of Roma women with this phenomenon. The research sample consisted of 32 Roma women. They come either from excluded, marginalized communities or they live among majority population. The authors of the research point to the process and serious impact of domestic violence against Roma women and subsequently they underline existing barriers and limits related to supportive services availability that can potentially eliminate this phenomenon in our society.


domestic violence, excluded communities, marginalization, accumulation of disadvantages

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