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Issues » 2016/6 - Social Work and Violence Towards Women »

Milada Lázničková, Veronika Plachá

Women’s Experiences of Domestic Violence, Focusing on the Perception of Help from the Helping professions


Contribution links the life experiences of three women who have experienced domestic violence with analytical commentary fairy tale of Bluebeard according to C. P. Estés. From the depth psychology’s perspective is the figure of Bluebeard, a violent scary partner, woman’s deputy interior attitudes, which leads to submission to violence and staying in an unhealthy relationship. In reality, the figure is then amplified by the aggressor. Further in the story emerge victim’s brothers and sisters who the main character stronger. They represent the components of personality that encourage the search for solutions to help. In reality, they can be embodied in helping professionals. In all three life stories of these sisters are mainly workers of the intervention center. All three narrators are clients of the Intervention Centre for people affected by domestic violence in the České Budějovice.


domestic violence, women’s experience, depth psychology, inner predator, helping workers

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