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Issues » 2016/6 - Social Work and Violence Towards Women »

František Znebejánek

Operationalisation in Quantitative Research in Social Sciences


The paper deals with the most important aspects of the processes of operationalization in quantitative research in social sciences. It detects the process of replacement of operationalism of empirical positivism by operationalization of logical positivism. It draws attention to the difference between operationalism defining concepts by means of carried out operations, and operationalization as deliniation of concepts by means of indicators. It argues that the set of indicators of a concept cannot be determined via a direct logical way, but that it is always determined arbitrarily. The paper deals also with the problem of content and construct validity and the advantages and disadvantages of standardization of indicators. The final part of the article contains exampl of operationalization of a concept from the field of social work.


operationalization, indicators, validity, standardization of indicators

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