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Issues » 2015/3 - ERIS Journal - Summer 2015 »

Juha Hämäläinen, Inger Kraav, Anna Bizaeva, Jari Kainulainen

Measuring Ethnic Attitudes of Young People: Methodological Examinations for Cross-National Research


Taking advantage of a comparative study, this paper discusses the concept of ethnic attitudes paying attention especially to the challenges of measuring. The concept of ethnic attitudes proved complex and troublesome to be measured. In a cross-national comparison a big number of lingual nuances must be considered in order to create a valid measurement shared by each individual country. The comparative study, on which this paper is based was about ethnic attitudes of young people on three countries, Estonia, Finland and Russia. The characteristics of the questionnaire used in the study were analysed using Principal Component Analysis. The analysis indicated the key factors of ethnic attitudes. Clarifying the concept by providing information about the basic dimensions of ethnic attitudes, this paper contributes both to research, education and practices of social work with people from different ethnic background.


ethnic attitudes, cross-national research, component analysis

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