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Monika Bjelončíková

Expectations of People Living with HIV/AIDS from Social Work


Social work has played a key organising and service delivery role in HIV prevention and care since the pandemic emerged. Despite pharmaceutical advances in treating HIV/AIDS a simple fact remains; the prevention of HIV infection is essential in reducing the number of new cases of HIV and in minimising the extent of human suffering. Responses to the changing workload of individual regions and hidden populations, persons infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS, have resulted in new challenges for social work. The next generation of social workers will see the pandemic expand, most likely touching nearly all aspects of social work practice (Natale, 2010). To meet the new challenges in the field of HIV/AIDS social work has to develop its responses and relevant good practices accordingly. This article aims to contribute to the debate by looking at the situation from the perspective of people living with HIV/AIDS.


social work, HIV/AIDS, constructionism

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