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Issues » 2017/3 - Social Work, Health and Lifestyle »

Marie Vágnerová, Jakub Marek, Ladislav Csémy

Personal Factors Influencing the Persistence of Homelessness among Young People


Although homelessness is not a permanent condition, only one third of the studied group had been able to get off the street during the last five years. Half of the group could be placed in the category of manifest homeless, And one sixth were latent homeless. The results showed that the factors that contributed to a person becoming homeless in the first place are also key reasons for the continuation of homelessness. These factors include particularly negative experiences within a family and lack of any support from close friends. Unfavourable personality traits; an inability and unwillingness to work regularly (which maybe because of a combination of personality traits and the lack of required skills). A significant factor contributing to long-term homelessness is chronic abuse of alcohol and other addictive substances.


homelessness, causes of chronicity, personality, family factors, alcohol abuse

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