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Elena Gažiková, Veronika Šimonová

Risky Behaviour of Children in Children’s Homes. Alcohol Consumption Harmful to Health


Alcoholism, regular, excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health. It is considered an addiction is destructive not only to an individual but also to society as a whole. One of the objectives of the research was to identify the rates of alcohol consumption by children from children’s homes. The sample study group consisted of 141 children from children’s homes from Nitra region (n = 141). In total, the data were collected from 7 children’s homes. In each children’s home the respondents were intentionally chosen from children and youth between the age of 11 and 19. Data collecting was carried out using ESPAD questionnaires. Particular fields were selected from the questionnaire corresponding to the objectives of the research. The research showed that almost three quarters of the respondents have had experience with alcohol consumption. The most commonly consumed form of alcohol is beer and spirits. Research findings demonstrate the need to take measures in the field of social policy and to focus on the creation and implementation of preventive programmes with regard to specific needs of children from children’s homes.


alcoholism, children, children’s homes, risky behaviour, preventive

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