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Issues » 2018/3 - Critical Perspectives in Social Work »

Eliška Černá (roz. Lindovská), Lenka Polánková (roz. Remsová)

Having Home Means Being Housed! Theatre of the Opressed as a Tool of Critical Reflexivity Application


OBJECTIVES: In the article, we describe processes and outcomes of emancipatory action research, which aim was to find out what knowledge about “social housing“ co-produce people with this experience and what action strategies they propose on the basis of such knowledge. THEORETICAL BASE: Conceptual framework is based on concept of housing exclusion and theatre of the oppressed method. METHODS: In the text we analyse screenplay of theatre performance „Having home means being housed!“, realized in chosen neighbourhoods. OUTCOMES: As central theme we identify business with poverty in flats (specifically short-term contracts, illegal evictions, substandard quality of housing). Within performances, we co-produce action strategies against business with poverty in flats, concretely: accommodation at family members or neighbours, support of social worker, request to get back the deposit, blockade of eviction, in the unity there is power, tent on the square, collective negotiation with the owner. Decision not to give up, solidarity and going public show as key topics of those strategies. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: We discuss in what way theatre of the oppressed contributes to critical reflexivity as a way of seeing reality and to development of critical practice in social work.


“social housing”, theatre of the oppressed, emancipatory action research, critical reflexivity

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