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Barbora Gřundělová

Critical Reflection of Constructing Motherhood and Fatherhood in Social Work with Family


OBJECTIVES: The present empirical text seeks to answer the question: “How are manifested construction mothers clients and fathers-clients in social work with families in social activation services for families with children?” THEORETICAL BASE: Theoretical support research consisted of social constructionism, interpretativismus, critical theory of feminism. METHODS: Partial data from qualitative research was used to answer the question. OUTCOMES: The data shows that social workers and workers construct mothers primarily as carers and fathers as breadwinners. This traditional model of gender roles in the family is considered by social workers to be natural and functional and not critically reflected. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Based on the findings, the author concludes that it is necessary to open space for gender-sensitive and reflective behavior in the practice of social work with the family and draws attention to the untapped space in education in social work.


gender, social work, social activation services, social construction

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