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Issues » 2018/3 - Critical Perspectives in Social Work »

Michaela Límová

Critical Social Work – Opportunities and Challenges. Worker Facing Person Seeking Help


OBJECTIVES: Currents in critical social work may provide missing anti-oppressive and antidiscriminatory paradigm for the practices used by Czech social workers. Advantages of this approach are considered as well as the challenges and limits such approach can represent to the helping process. Article raises questions about possible improvement of the client‘s situation and the time frame during which the person can get relief from the difficulties which brought him/her to the social worker THEORETICAL BASE: Prevailing discourse in the view of selected target groups is discussed and also the potential of changing the discourse after accepting critical aspects. METHODS: Text has a form of an overview using academic literature as well as common media since Czech proponents of critical social work often publish outside of academia. OUTCOMES: Constructionist and narrative approaches should be considered as being possibly more attentive to the clients‘ perspective. Social workers must perceive when they are proposing a solution suitable for people and when they are promulgating their own political beliefs. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The article seeks to contribute to the scholarly discussion of critical social work in the CR, with the particular goal of inspiring social work practice.


critical practice, anti-opressive practise, narrative approach, foreigners and minorities, „expertness“

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