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Issues » 2018/3 - Critical Perspectives in Social Work »

Oldřich Chytil, Ivana Kowaliková

Can the Czech and Slovakian Social Work be a Tool for Promoting Social Change?


OBJECTIVE: The goal of the article is to answer the question whether Czech and Slovakian social work can be the tool for the promotion of the social change. Comment on the global definition of the social work, the development of critical consciousness about structural sources of oppression is a necessary condition for achieving social change. The answer to the question of whether Czech and Slovakian social work can be a tool for promoting social change is to analyse the Czech and Slovakian discourse of the social work. If we want to find out whether the discourse of social work critically reflects the influence of social changes on social work and analyses the changes of the society to identify structural resources oppression. THEORETICAL BASE: The theoretical basis of the analysis is the theory of modernization from Beck, Bauman and Keller. METHOD: The method of content analysis was analyzed by expert articles published in the journal Czech and Slovak Social Work in the numbers 1/2012 to 5/2017. OUTCOME: The authors concluded that only 29 out of 166 articles published by Czech and Slovakian authors critically analyse the changes of society and discuss their impact on social work. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATION: The discussion of social work led mostly by the academics on the pages of the Czech and Slovak Social Work journal insufficiently critically analyzes the changes of the society to identify the structural sources of oppression. Therefore, Czech and Slovak social work is lacking an important tool for promoting social change.


social change, social work, theory of modernization, change of society

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