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Marie Špiláčková

Establishment of Professional Social Work within the Social Policy of Enterprises in the Territory of Bohemia and Moravia


OBJECTIVES: The aim of the article is to capture the development of social work in enterprises in the territory of Bohemia and Moravia in the years 1921–1992, which took place within the framework of social policies in enterprises. THEORETICAL BACKGROUND: Social policy has created an appropriate environment for the establishment of professional social work. In current professional literature, social work in enterprises is described only in fragmentary terms, without reference to the content of social policy applied within individual enterprises and the way of its implementation. METHODS: The chosen methodology is based on historical research based on the hermeneutical background using methods of content analysis and oral history. RESULTS: The result is a synthesis of knowledge on the constitution of social work in enterprises on scientific basis. IMPLICATIONS FOR SOCIAL WORK: The ambition of the work is to fill a white space in the development of Czech social work in the business environment, to provide relevant knowledge of the professional public, to promote the identity of social workers with their profession, simultaneously to collective consciousness, while contributing to the development of thinking about the history of social work. It can also motivate or inspire researchers for further work.


social work, enterprises, social policy, historical research, Bohemia and Moravia

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